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Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn

It was true to the Christmas spirit. Old people be meddling lol

{if you're an audiobook person, it's available on Audible as well.]

Feast by Tanzania Glover

I enjoyed the dynamic between Monte and Lee. Lee was persistent in what she wanted and it made me laugh every time. Monte irked me tbh learning why they are the way they are made me love them that much more.

Love Intolerant by Jessica Terry

Ms. Terry is a NTMA and she didn't disappoint with Adele and Kingston. Adele made me wanna shake her, but learning why she is the way she is made me understand and empathize with her more. I was glad when she finally owned her ish!

Spontaneous Soulmates by Chassilyn

The amount of love, intimacy, and romance in this book is EVERYTHING! True enough Gia had me wanting to wring her neck, but I'm also not mad at how things played out for them. Grant is a BIG STEPPER! (I see why him and Sly are friends). Grant made me swoon every time because he was big on SHOWING and that ACTION! Gia needed all of that!

Tricked into a Treat by Chassilyn

This was a quick lil spooky/sneaky sumn to hold me over until the G's. It was good to see Cam and the Professor again.

Elysium by DL White

The spice and romance (even with the distance between them) were on point. Vance didn't play about Athena. I smiled so wide when she stopped standing in her own way.