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Fertile Fred Found His Forever Thang!

His siblings clowning him for having all them kids, but learning what I learned in this book I applaud him. Pharaoh is a stand up guy frfr. Genesis, girl, I ain't know about you for most of the book, but learning everything helped me like her and that eventually turned to love. Oh and the things revealed in this book here, I wasn't ready! P.S. I Love Hollis' jokester self!

If You Wanted Me to Cry, Just Say That

I wasn't sure what to expect with this one knowing what I know, but nonetheless I wasn't ready at all for the emotions and the crying I did! Tristan girl you broke my damn heart and healed it at the same time

Yakima = My Girl!

Oooo baby the drama! Listen Frisco had Alyce messed up, but a man/person can only do what you allow him/them to. Yakima brought the color to Frisco black and gold life/lifestyle. She was the fresh air and spontaneity that he didn't know he needed. I loved how she stayed true to herself once they reached a certain level. There were a lot of secrets and lies and the web spun was beautifully crafted.

A Beautiful Love Story

Jackie D and Korie were a handful in a good way. Korie worked Jackie D's good nerves all the time. My girl didn't listen at all lol I loved that they brought out a side of each other that they both kept hidden. It was beautiful to watch them blossom. They are my top two of the couples!

Had Me in a Chokehold

I was a bit confused at the beginning because of the different characters, but once I got everybody's backs story it made it easier to keep up. Whhheeeeww these women's husbands left them with mess to clean up! I'm glad they kept going, ultimately giving themselves a better life.

Winci Was NOT the ONE!

Quinci gave Dymon a run for his money every time. She taught him a thing or two about manners and in return he got a princess. Quinci helped him heal in so many ways and it was necessary for his growth.

Greysen Gave Diesel a Run for His Money

Lemme just start off by saying Greysen's family gotta shoot me a quick one! They were so emotional and mentally abusive to her and nobody cared how they treated her at all, except her Daddy. Pops wasn't with the shits when it came to his baby girl. I wanted to wring Diesel's neck behind her a time or two as well, but they got it together and were everything the other needed.

Every King Deserves His Queen!

Listen, seeing them as kids and watching how Kem STEPPED behind Queenie even as teens, I KNEW she was it for my boy. I was mad at Bubba a little bit, but I got over it. Kem didn't play about His Queen or their son! I loved how Kem loved Jabez and how open he was with him.


At first I was like she trippin', but then I understood her wanting to come to Kellen "together". I loved their banter and interactions, it made me root for them that much more. I know some view her as selfish, but I don't see her that way. Kellen never Kel exposed her to something she wasn't ready to let go of and as hard as it was, she did the right thing idc idc.

Reunited & It Feels Real GOOD!

When I say that the professor ain't play no games when it came to his Cammy, he was all gas no brakes! With that gray hair came wisdom, happiness, and orgasms! He was just what Cammy needed!

Lennox Popped Her Shit!

I've waited so long for Roland's story and it was well worth the wait. Lennox unthawed the icebox where Roland's heart used to be. It was so beautiful to watch him come around and realize what he needed and how he felt. They both healed each other and allowed each other the space to properly grieve.

Israel STEPPED 'bout Meli!

Once these two stopped playing, it was on like Donkey Kong! I loved the way that Israel went about letting Meli know how he felt about her. I loved seeing them pour into each other and evolve into everything they both wanted.

Their Connection Shined so Bright!

Zeke and Jonae started off a little rocky, but once they ironed out those wrinkles, it was indeed go time. Their intimacy and romance was so refreshing to read. Zeke opened up and so did Jonae, giving each other back everything they needed and more.

Tia Did Her Big One!

Tia needed to heal from her past trauma in order to give Manny everything he wanted and everything she needed. Once Tia began to really and fully heal, she was able to help Manny do the same. They were made for each other.

Baby Brother Found His One

Ish & Sawyer were so cayute! I enjoyed their friends to lover tale. I understood Sawyer's hesitation, but once she passed that baton to Ish, he ran with it, literally. He gave her the love she was scared of.

Bag Lady & Bag Man

Joanna and Jacob had me wondering why they were faking it, after a certain point, but they both dropped the facade and started opening up to each other. They both were carrying so much baggage and I was glad when they put them bags down. Jacob's parents irked my nerves so bad!

The Pen Was Penning, Okay!?

The emotions and the feelings that this books evoked, I was ready but I wasn't at the same time. The attraction and chemistry between my husband and our wife is undeniable despite what Talia says and thinks. The sexual tension was felt! They allowed each other to be so vulnerable and it made me love them so much more. I wanted to line several folks up and have them meet me outside because they have my babies messed up!

All the Things a Romance Should Be!

The amount of love, intimacy, and romance in this book is EVERYTHING! True enough Gia had me wanting to wring her neck, but I'm also not mad at how things played out for them. Grant is a BIG STEPPER! (I see why him and Sly are friends). Grant made me swoon every time because he was big on SHOWING and that ACTION! Gia needed all of that!

Adele Please!

Ms. Terry is a NTMA and she didn't disappoint with Adele and Kingston. Adele made me wanna shake her, but learning why she is the way she is made me understand and empathize with her more. I was glad when she finally owned her ish!

Big Lee!

I enjoyed the dynamic between Monte and Lee. Lee was persistent in what she wanted and it made me laugh every time. Monte irked me tbh, but learning why they are the way they are made me love them that much more.

Vance is Bae!

The spice and romance (even with the distance between them) were on point. Vance didn't play about Athena. I smiled so wide when she stopped standing in her own way.