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Books I've Listened to Lately

One thing I'm going to do is listen to an audiobook. They've become my guilty pleasure. I use them to reward myself when I cross things off my to-do list or listen while doing things around the house. Depending on the day and the length of a book I can listen to 2-3 books a day.

Some Listens from My Faves

  • Yakima = My Girl!

    Oooo baby the drama! Listen Frisco had Alyce messed up, but a man/person can only do what you allow him/them to. Yakima brought the color to Frisco black and gold life/lifestyle. She was the fresh air and spontaneity that he didn't know he needed. There were a lot of secrets and lies and the web spun was beautifully crafted.

  • They Were EVERYTHING!

    At first I was like she trippin', but then I understood her wanting to come to Kellen "together". I loved their banter and interactions, it made me root for them that much more. I know some view her as selfish, but I don't see her that way. Kellen never Kel exposed her to something she wasn't ready to let go of and as hard as it was, she did the right thing idc idc.

  • Nurse Dude & Ms. Girard

    This is one of my comfort listens so these two get constant plays in this house. Evonne & Taj pushed each other to actually live outside of their comfort zone. They were funny, sexy, and intimate. Everything a romcom should be.

  • We Never Go Out of Style

    Penny with the Fashion Sense came in and showed East how to really put that sh*t on, do you hear me!? He was already swaggy, but she enhanced his drip. They both never expected the other, but grew fond of each from their first encounter.

  • Made Me Want A Beach Thing of My Own

    Wade and Ameenah were exactly the summer vibes that each other didn't know they needed. They both got more than they bargained for, but still what the other needed, even though they had two meddling friends who should've minded their business.

  • Israel STEPPED 'bout Meli!

    Once these two stopped playing, it was on like Donkey Kong! I loved the way that Israel went about letting Meli know how he felt about her. I loved seeing them pour into each other and evolve into everything they both wanted.

  • Their Connection Shined so Bright!

    Zeke and Jonae started off a little rocky, but once they ironed out those wrinkles, it was indeed go time. Their intimacy and romance was so refreshing to read. Zeke opened up and so did Jonae, giving each other back everything they needed and more.

  • Tia Did Her Big One!

    Tia needed to heal from her past trauma in order to give Manny everything he wanted and everything she needed. Once Tia began to really and fully heal, she was able to help Manny do the same. They were made for each other.

  • Baby Brother Found His One

    Ish & Sawyer were so cayute! I enjoyed their friends to lover tale. I understood Sawyer's hesitation, but once she passed that baton to Ish, he ran with it, literally. He gave her the love she was scared of.

  • Bag Lady & Bag Man

    Joanna and Jacob had me wondering why they were faking it, after a certain point, but they both dropped the facade and started opening up to each other. They both were carrying so much baggage and I was glad when they put them bags down. Jacob's parents irked my nerves so bad!

  • Jaymi + Marsh = Perfection

    Listen I wasn't ready for everything that went down between them, but I quickly got ready. There was so much to unpack for both of them, my lawd. Both of them had raggedy a*ss parents and I felt so bad for them. When they shed everything that was weighing them both down, they flourished individually and together.

  • Greysen Gave Diesel a Run for His Money

    Lemme just start off by sayiong Greysen's family gotta shoot me a quick one! They were so emotional and mentally abusive to her and nobody cared how they treated her at all. I wanted to wring Diesel's neck behind her a time or two as well, but they got it together and were everything the other needed.

  • Winci Was NOT the ONE!

    Quinci gave Dymon a run for his money every time. She taught him a thing or two about manners and in return he got a princess. Quinci helped him heal in so many ways and it was necessary for his growth.

New Faves

  • A Beautiful Love Story

    Jackie D and Korie were a handful in a good way. Korie worked Jackie D's good nerves all the time. My girl didn't listen at all lol I loved that they brought out a side of each other that they both kept hidden. It was beautiful to watch them blossom.

  • Every King Deserves His Queen!

    Listen, seeing them as kids and watching how Kem STEPPED behind Queenie even as teens, i KNEW she was it for my boy. I was mad at Bubba a little bit, but I got over it. Kem didn't play about His Queen or their son! Listen!!!!!!!! When easily one of my fave books this!

  • MAN Brought Them to Together, but Love Kept Them

    This was my first Bailey West book and I wasn't disappointed. Angel was the calm Xander needed when he was overwhelmed and had his hands full. Watching them evolve past the boundaries that they started with was fun to watch. They both came alive in different ways thanks to the other.

  • Second Time's the Charm

    There was so much talking that didn't happen between them at first then when they reconnected, Leona was irking me with how she wanted to just shut Israel down when he tried to broach the subject. I was glad when the truth came out and they were able to really flourish without things from the past looming around.

  • Alexa, play Freak'in Me by Jamie Foxx & Marsha Ambrosius

    If you're looking for an erotica, then this is for you. Jade & Nash were connected for so long and finally had to put it all out on the line. Sexual chemistry and business bought them together, but they found something deeper to make them stay.

  • Sins of a Saint

    Saint and Taraj had some baggage and drama. There's love, heartbreak, betrayal, and truth bombs. I did not expect parts of this story to play out the way that it did. I went from laughing to crying. I wasn't ready for that gut punch.

Brenda Jackson

  • Jaxon Played for Keeps

    Jaxon didn't come to pay with Nadia. At. All. He saw what he wanted and went after it. Nadia was a tough nut to crack but Jaxon was a nut cracker and broke through the walls that she put up.

  • More Like Third Times the Charm

    Charm and Dylan had so much to unpack because of Bart Outlaw's meddling self. He worked my nerves this entire series especially is Cash & Charm's books.

  • Justin Wasn't Really Ready

    Justin talked like he was ready for fate, but he was not lol Lorren needed everything that Justin gave to her and vice versa. When Lorren presented Justin with her grand gesture he didn't back down.

  • Dex Folded Like Laundry

    Dexter Jordan Madaris worked my nerves! Caitlin was better than me, but I understand where their disconnect stemmed from. Halston Parker knew what he was doing and everything happened for a reason. Dex heeded what he felt and I was glad when he did.

  • Loved Their Dynamic

    Syneda and Clayton were something else! I absolutely loved their banter and hoe things developed between them. What I love more than anything is the way Clayton loved Syneda past her hurt and pain.

  • Easily One of My Faves

    The tension that built between Corinthians and Trevor over those two years whhheeewww baybeeee tbh my girl Corin stood no chance against Mr. Grant. He was built for her in every sense of the word.

  • Truly Everlasting

    Felicia Laverne Madaris is probably by far my favorite Madaris born woman, besides Mama Laverne. While I wanted more story for her and Trask, I was happy to see her change her ways and put Austin first. Learning their history made me root for them that much more.

  • Jake was the EPITOME of a Patient Man

    Jake was not expecting to feel anything for Diamond and vice versa, but baby attraction had other plans in mind for them two lol Jake ain't believe in testing the waters, he jumped in with his full body. I was glad when Diamond started to fully trust in their love.

  • Tori Green is MY GIRL!

    Sir Drake lived up to the mystery that is him and he drew me in from the first time he was introduced earlier in the series. Now, Tori Green, baby, she had to internalize so much because of her profession and I commend her because I would've broke. Following their journey made me swoon for them both!

  • Ashton Ain't Come to Play!

    Nettie, you my girl, but baby you ain't stand a chance against the colonel and I mean that from the sincerest place. Ashton was persistent about the woman he wanted and ain't play with that. The colonel landed his big catch and proved Nettie wrong on so many things.

Audible Originals/First Reads

  • Had Me in a Chokehold

    I was a bit confused at the beginning because of the different characters, but once I got everybody's backs story it made it easier to keep up. Whhheeeeww these women's husbands left them with mess to clean up! I'm glad they kept going, ultimately giving themselves a better life.

  • The Dragon Slayer

    I'm not sure how I came across this book, but the narrator pulled me all the way in. Cilla bit off more than she could chew, but puts on her big girl panties and deals with it. Killian irked me at first, but then he grew on me. The amount of healing in this book is heavy! They both needed each other. The ending was well worth it.

  • More Like the Softy and the Shark

    This book lowkey stressed me out. The FMC to me was very weak and she didn't speak up for herself enough. Her daughter stressed me out. And her mom made me laugh when she was in a scene.

  • The Get Back

    This was syrupy sweet. I don't know if I would've went the route they did lol but it worked out and they were cute and right for each other.

  • Just Live Ya Life

    Angie struggled between doing what's expected of her and doing what made her happy. I wanted to shake her several times to make her get her life together because she was doing too much. Her and Ricky were different, but they worked well together.

  • Grandma Was A Time!

    Grandma is definitely a spitfire and carries the book. She was feisty when she was younger and now that she's older nothing has really changed. Jenna needed that break away from her everyday life to find herself.

  • Witty, Spyish Romance

    I didn't think that I would enjoy this one as much as I did, but it made me laugh and tear up a few times while listening. I don't know what I would've done if I were in Alice's shoes.

  • Tragedy to Triumph

    Hanna handled everything better than I would've. She made the best out of a messed up situation and found love in the process. I couldn't understand a certain aspect of it then I realized what was going on and it made everything make sense. Eric was exactly what she needed.

  • The Comeback

    Ari was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and it was draining her. She was living for her parents and not herself. Jihoon gave her something that was just for her and it almost cost them both everything, but they got everything also.

  • A Fairy Tale

    At first I was like Gracie is crazy lol but everything happens for a reason. Gracie provided Wei with the cover she needed and it only costed her her heart in the process. This was my second book by this author and I enjoyed it.

Holiday Listens

  • They Motivated Each Other

    Caleb & Eden are the true meaning of if something comes back then it's yours. They meet as teenagers and reconnect as adult, and it's on and poppin' from there! They encourage each other to get over their fears and work through some person l things. Nice clean romance!

  • Looking on the Bright Side

    Nia and Drew made the best out of bad situation, not just for themselves but for everyone around them, especially in an airport terminal. When Drew realized what it was, he put them lemon peppa steppas on and STEPPED bout his!

  • Violet Was Misunderstood

    Maddox was a billionaire, but struggled when it came to being an active/present father. Being home for the holidays and around family helped him slow down and focus on what's important, his daughter, Violet. And her nanny, Natalie. Knowing that there is a bit of history made everything come back tenfold. Glad Nat got her hot guy. 1/3

  • Miscommunication Ain't It

    First things first, Guy is a jerk! I wanted to hit his insensitive ass every time. Stella and Heath both were bad at talking and saying what they felt. Go with the flow was not made for them. There was too much they needed to talk about. I'm glad that everything worked out for them. 2/3

  • A Christmas Miracle

    Rachel and Matt got a second chance at a romance that neither of them was looking for. I enjoyed watching the mystery of them reconnecting unfold.

  • The Gift of Giving

    This held true to the Christmas magic/miracle. It was predictable, but didn't take away from the enjoyment of it all. Everybody was working through their grief and it was still a positive story/outcome.

  • Bah Humbug

    Tamara is that one "friend" who is used to getting everything that she wants and Rachel is that one friend used to dimming her light because she doesn't feel like she's good enough. Rachel irked me because she wouldn't stand up for what she wanted to begin with. Oz too irked me because it's like he knew from the gate who he wanted but settled. Hanukkah 1/3

  • After Hanukkah Miracle

    Adam was too grown to by lying to his mama. Sara was too damn passive for me and that bothered me. Add in Eliot and it gets messy. Once they talked out the differences from their past it was smooth sailing until it wasn't. I'm glad Adam was able to pull off an after Hanukkah miracle. Hanukkah 2/3

  • Speak Up, Eliot!

    Eliot had me shaking my head in book 2. But seeing him in this book made me smile and root for him. He almost made the same mistake twice, but corrected himself and got his Cher. Hanukkah 3/3