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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone for One Night


Aseem gave them both of our names, then handed one security guard his ID, while the other one patted him down. I followed his lead, handing over my ID and assuming the position for the pat-down. Once we were checked off the list, we were given wristbands and sent on our way.

“Alright, so here’s how this is going to go. She’ll approach you and take you to her pleasure room. Y’all have on matching costumes. Don’t think. Just enjoy the night for what it is.”

I wanted to fight him on this, but I decided when I agreed to come that I would trust my baby brother. I didn’t know about being a damn submissive, but meeting the woman at least was in my plans. I was praying that tonight wouldn’t be a dubb.

“I got it, Seem.”

“Aight, have fun. I’ll text you and check on you throughout the night. I’m going to find Amor’s crazy ass because I know she’s mad about having to wear that damn costume.”

We shook up, and I made my way to the bar in what I assumed was the main area of the house. Seem didn’t give me any instructions, and neither did security at the front. I waved the bartender down to order my drink. I kept my drink choice simple and ordered a Hennessey and Coke.

The bartender sat my drink on a napkin in front of me. I picked it up and sipped it slowly, then turned to look around the room. I guess it was still early because there weren’t too many people here, well not in this room at least. I wanted to walk around and explore, but I didn’t want to make it hard for her to find me.

I finished my first drink and ordered another one. I told myself after this, I wouldn’t have another one. I didn’t want to keep downing drinks before she got here. I sipped my second drink slower while looking around the room again.

This time I saw people making out and touching. There were two cocoa skinned women in Playboy Bunny costumes kissing while a light skin man sat between them stroking himself on a couch.

I kept watching them and was surprised by how into each other both women were. They honestly weren’t paying ole boy any attention. When the thicker one of the two stopped kissing the other and took ole boy’s dick out and started sucking him off, I choked on my damn drink.

I ain’t a virgin clearly, but some shit I just have never been exposed to. This whole sex club thing is one of them, but I was willing to embrace this experience just for one night anyway.

“Enjoying the show?” a sweet melodic voice asked coming from next to me.

I looked over at her and my mouth watered in delight. She has hickory skin that was highlighted with gold flecks. Her almond-shaped downturned light brown eyes shined when she looked at me. Her lips were glistening and kissable.

I trailed my eyes down and over her slim-thick frame. I loved the subtle way the costume graced and highlighted her curves. It wasn’t overly sexy, but just enough to leave something to the imagination. I wasn’t into feet, but her toes looked good in the gold sandals.

“I am. Are you?”

“I am now,” she said before taking my hand and leading me out of the main area and up some stairs I hadn’t noticed earlier.