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Find out if Temperance leaves or stays and if she gets what’s owed to her

R.D., or Roman Dante, is a man that makes my whole body gush, quiver, and shake even when he isn’t near me and has been for the last eight months. We met on Instant Connections, a three-sided app where you can find friends, a fuck buddy, or a date.

Although we matched, we had yet to speak to one another. Somehow though, he ended up sending me an unsolicited dick pic. It was a very nice dick pic at that. Thick, chocolate, veiny, girthier than a mothafucka, and well-fucking-moisturized. Cause who likes an ashy dick? After he apologized profusely, I replied, “Show me what that dick do.”

When he took hours to respond, I thought he blocked me, but it turns out he got busy at work and couldn’t respond immediately. I’ll never forget when he video chatted me through the IC app.

“You serious?” a deep voice asked when I answered.

I was taken aback and stunned by the beautifulness that was staring at me from the other end of the screen. Downturned chocolate brown eyes stared at me through the lens of his gold-rimmed glasses. When he licked his pink and brown tinted lips and flashed me a smile, a current flowed through me and escaped into the seat of my blue lace panties.

“Yes,” I finally answered breathlessly.

“Can you meet now? It looks like we’re both at work,” he said in a rich and husky voice.

“Gimme an hour, and I’ll meet you at Grand Luxe in the lobby.”

“I’ll see you then.”

He hung up, and I dropped my phone on my desk like it was a hot coal in my hand. I didn’t care how Bruno felt about it, but my ass was leaving in thirty minutes. I hurriedly finished the last of the reports, dropped them in the tray in his office, and hightailed it out of the building.

Since we were meeting on the strip, I took the ten-minute walk from Azul to the Grand Luxe. When I walked into the lobby, I still had twenty minutes before my hour was up. I figured I would get us a room to kill time.

There was already a man at the front desk, so I stood behind him and waited my turn.

While I waited, Bruno called me five times, and I sent him to voicemail each time. I’d hear it tomorrow, but my work hours ended at six p.m. When I left, it was well after, so he could kiss my ass until tomorrow.

While ignoring Bruno’s calls, I was subconsciously moving towards the counter, so when the man stepped back, he damn near knocked me down.

“Shit, my bad–”

I’d only heard his voice for a few minutes an hour ago, but I knew it. But more importantly, my pussy recognized that it was him. Damn, this man was fine.

“I guess you beat me to it,” I flirted.

“Punctual. I like that. We’re on the twelfth floor,” he said, guiding me by the small of my back towards the elevators.

His mere touch sent tremors through my body. Once we were on the elevator, he backed me into the corner and slowly looked me over, moving the few loose tendrils of my natural auburn hair out of my face.

“Take your panties off and give them to me,” he demanded as he swiped a thumb across my bottom lip.

He backed up a smidge to put some space between us, and I quickly reached under the beige pencil skirt I was wearing and shimmied out of them. I handed him the damp blue lace, and he put them to his nose to inhale my scent.

“Damn, you wet already, and you got a good pH. I like that,” he affirmed before stuffing them into his pocket.

I squirmed and rubbed my thighs together to dull the ache a little. He dropped a kiss to my slightly exposed collar bone thanks to my off-the-shoulder denim top. He then reached up, took my hair down from the bun I wore to work, and gently massaged my scalp.

The elevator dinged, signaling that we’d reached our floor. He stepped to the side, allowed me to exit, and followed me off the elevator. Again, he guided me by the small of my back toward our room. He pulled out his phone and used it to unlock the door.

Once we were inside, we both stared at one another for a few moments.

“Did you get a chance to look at my STD results?” he asked, sitting his briefcase down and removing his suit jacket.

I shook my head. “No.”

“We can view each other’s together.”

I nodded, pulled my phone out, navigated to the Instant Connections app, and clicked on his profile since his message was still up. The good part about the fuck buddy side of the app, was that you had to upload monthly STD screening results, to show that you didn’t have anything before engaging with someone.

As of three weeks ago, Roman Dante was clean as a whistle.

“I do have condoms.”

“So do I,” I added, pulling out the two I kept in my purse just in case.

“We’ll need more than that, but we can use yours first, then use mine.”

He opened his briefcase and tossed a new box of Magnums on the bed.

“Shower first. Are you hungry? If so, let’s order room service now.”

I nodded and grabbed the menu off the desk. Once I figured out what I wanted, I handed it to him. When he was done, he picked up the room phone to call in our order.

“What you want? Burger or hot wings? You look like a pizza kind of woman,” he stated, looking me over again. “Uhh… Yea, can I get a burger, medium well, no onions. Everything else on it is fine. Extra plate of fries, a bottle of red wine. And…” he looked over at me.

“Pepperoni pizza and hot wings. I’m eating your fries.”

He chuckled. “You got that? That’s fine. If you knock and we don’t answer, come in and leave the tray. Tip will be by the door.”

He hung up and began removing his clothes. His confidence and, dare I say it, arrogance were a turn-on. When he dropped the powder blue dress shirt to reveal his tattooed sculpted chest and arm, I salivated.

I licked my lips as I watched him step out of his pants. His dick was lying dormant against his right thigh. His body didn’t give me the suit and tie kind of guy, but that of a personal trainer.

“You gonna undress, or you need my help?”

I tore my eyes away from his crotch and up to his face. He was smiling at me. His almost perfect smile was doing something to me.

“Take your clothes off, Temperance.”

Immediately my face formed into a tight ball. I didn’t remember telling him my name. My profile name on Instant Connections is TemptressDee.

“You still have on your badge,” he said, pointing at my hip. “If it makes you feel better, my full name is Roman Marcellus Dante.”

“Marcellluuuussss,” I teased. “Lemme guess grandpa’s name on your daddy side?”

He chuckled and rubbed his beard. “Yes, actually. Now since you clearly need my help, I’m going to undress you now. After we eat and our food has settled, I want you back in those pumps while I fuck you against the window.”

I moaned involuntarily. “Yes, Sir.”

“Are you always obedient, Temperance?” he questioned while sliding my skirt down my legs.

“Like Jill Scott says, ‘If you can tell me what to do, then you can tell me what to do,’” I answered in a breathy whisper.

He squatted in front of me and lifted my feet one by one to remove my pumps. When he didn’t stand after removing my shoes, I looked down, and he was staring at my pussy.

“Ya mama or granny ever told you it’s rude to stare,” I sassed, trying not to fidget because I could feel his breath on my thighs.

“They both did, but I’ve been known to do what I want,” he said. “Oral or nah?”


He chuckled, lifted my right leg, and threw it over his shoulder before running the tip of his tongue up my slit. I hissed, gripped his shoulders, and threw my head back as he sucked my clit into his mouth.

“Fuccckkk, Romann…”

“Mmm… Shit,” he said, pulling back.

That brought me all the way back to reality. “Why’d you stop?”

“Because we’re supposed to be in the shower, and if I eat ya pussy any longer, room service is gonna get a show when they bring our food up.”

I quickly removed my top and threw it across the back of the chair at the desk before unhooking my bra and tossing it on top of my shirt.

“C’mon, Marcellus.”

He mugged me before delivering a swift and heavy-handed smack to my left ass cheek.

“Fuckkk. You lucky I like that shit, and it didn’t hurt.”

“Oh, I am? We’ll see how many of those you can take while I’m fuckin’ you from behind after this shower.”

He followed me into the bathroom, where I started the water, and he took a piss.

“Comfortable, are we?”

He shrugged and continued to use the bathroom. “It was either pee now or on your feet in the shower.”

I laughed. “I wish the fuck you would,” I said as I got in the tub.

“That mouth, Temperance.”

Giggling, I moved to stand under the shower head. I let the hot water wash over me. My hair getting wet didn’t bother me. I swim every morning for at least an hour and a half before work as my daily exercise.

Bitch, this is crazy. You do not know this man. Girl, getcho hot ass out of this shower, in your clothes, and go home.

Roman’s hand connecting with my left ass cheek again jarred me from my thoughts.

“Ouch,” I yelled, turning around to face him.

“You backing out on me?”

I released a nervous chuckle. “Thought about it.”

He nodded. “I can leave when we get out.”

I shook my head. “Don’t. Just because I thought about it doesn’t mean I was actually going to leave. We’re here, and by my count, you owe me three orgasms.”

“Just three?”

“To start with, anyway.”