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*cue "Pullin' Me Back" by Chingy*


“Guh morning, Mommy. Pop-Tart.”

“Okay, but let’s get ready for daycare. Go potty and wash your hands.”

I watched him get out of bed and speed walk into the bathroom. While he was handling his business, I quickly made his bed. Pha had already set his clothes out on the dresser. The black cargo shorts and royal blue Blaze and the Monster Machines graphic tee combo were two of Kir’s favorite things to wear.

I stood against the bathroom door and watched him play in the water. I cleared my throat, and he looked up at me in the mirror. He smiled at me before turning the water off and shaking his hands.

“Use your towel, Chunky,” I said, pointing to the hand towel on the counter.

He giggled then wiped his hands on the towel. I watched him stand on his stool and reach for his toothbrush and toothpaste. He put toothpaste on his toothbrush, wet it, and began brushing his teeth. As always, he only brushed one side, and it drove me crazy.

“Shakir Amon, brush the other side of your mouth, please.”

“You want me brush the other side?” he asked quizzically.

“Yes. You have a mouth full of teeth. Brush them all.”

“Okayyyy, I’ll try.”

Kir switched to the other side, but there wasn’t any toothpaste on his brush, so it was pointless. He moved the toothbrush back and forth, barely touching his teeth. I see what type of time he was on today.

“Shakir, brush your teeth and stop giving your mama a hard time,” Pha called out from the hallway.

Kir’s little head popped up, and he immediately looked around for Pha. When he realized he wasn’t in the bathroom with us, he went back to playing in my face. I rolled my eyes and sat on the toilet.

“Pha, please come get your son. He’s trying it and me.”

“It’s funny how he’s my son when he’s working your nerves,” Pha yelled from one of the guest rooms.

I heard his footsteps before he was standing in the bathroom giving Kir that look that he does before he pops his legs. He stooped down to Kir’s level and whispered in his ear.

“You want to try me this morning, be my guest. If not, I suggest you do what your mama is asking of you. Shakir, don’t make me come back in here. No Zam after school.”

Shakir began to whine and cry. Honestly, I hated to see him cry, but today I had no sympathy for the kid. Kir quickly put more toothpaste on his toothbrush and proceeded to brush his teeth on both sides while giving me his pouting angry face.

I was not stunting this little boy today. I quickly took off his pajamas, washed him up, put body butter on him, then got him dressed for daycare. I ushered him downstairs so he could have his strawberry Pop-Tart and a glass of water.

Pha already had everything laid out for Kir at the kitchen table, so I didn’t have to do anything. I knew it would take Kir ten minutes to eat, maybe more since he had an attitude. He pouted the whole time he ate.

“Fix your face, Lil’ Man. You know better than to be acting up. I love you,” Pha said before dapping him up and kissing the top of his head. “Be good for mommy on the way to school, and if I hear you cut up at drop off, it’s me and you tonight.”

Kir nodded his head. “Luh you, Daddy. I be good fuh Mommy.”

“I know you will.”

Pha came into the kitchen and stood in front of me, looking me over. He was looking extra appealing today, and that had me hot and bothered. His dreads were down, framing his face. His lineup was still a little fresh. The white v-neck shirt he had on complimented his skin complexion. The dark wash distressed jeans he had on hung low on his waist, but he wasn’t sagging. The all-white ones on his feet were fresh, probably a new pair. He was dressed simply, but that’s when he looked the best to me.

I shifted a few times under his gaze because I wasn’t sure what he was looking for or at. When he did stuff like this, it always made me uncomfortable for whatever reason. He continued to rake his eyes up and down my body before kissing me on the forehead.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Good, actually. I forget how much I love that bed.”

He smirked. “Your bed don’t feel the same in CG?”

I groaned. “Bye, Pha. Have a good day at work. Call me if you want me to bring you and the girls’ lunch or something.”